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Jamie T to Release Sophomore Album

In Great Britain on September 7, 2009 at 7:55 pm

Jamie T (born Jamie Alexander Treays) is on the verge. The singer-songwriter, who has drawn comparisons to the Arctic Monkeys, the Streets, and Lily Allen for his blistering observations on modern British youth culture, released his sophomore album Kings & Queens in the UK on September 7th to critical acclaim (The Guardian called it a “43-minute, all-killer, no-filler set of stunners”).  His debut album, 2007’s Panic Prevention, was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize, spawned three top 20 hits in the UK, and was ultimately certified Gold. Yet he has found nowhere near the level of cross-over success in the United States that contemporaries, such as the aforementioned Allen and Arctic Monkeys have.  Could 2009 be his break-out year?

With a collection of songs as varied and multi-layered as those found on Kings & Queens, the Wimbledon-native couldn’t be more deserving. He goes from Dylanesque folk musings to aggressive hip-hop stylings to “pull-out-your-lighter” sing-along rock with the flick of a switch. For many artists, such genre-hopping comes across as disingenuous and desperate. For Jamie T it is nothing less than a natural expression of his various musical influences.  In addition to dabbling in a wide range of musical styles, his 11-track set covers a number of political and social issues of concern to urban 20-somethings. Government surveillance, binge drinking, alienation, and adulterous affairs are all represented in ways both melancholy and visceral; what Jamie T does so well though is to wrap these deep issues in walls of sound and deliriously catchy beats so that it never comes across as plodding or overtly socially conscious. If there is any justice, Mr. T. will make significantly more than just a splash on this side of the pond.